Why Choose 100% Commissions Products?

As an affiliate marketer, it is always best to find
high paying affiliate offers. For instance, wouldn’t
you rather get paid 100% commissions on something
compared to 25 or 50%?

Think about this for a minute, a 25% commission product
will take you, four times the promoting effort over
a 100% commission product. You will also earn, four
times less money. You do the math!

So in order to find these high commission products, just
do a search for high ticket products or visit any
forum, affiliate program and see what they offer to

What to look for. Think like the prospect new to the
online world. What do we need to make money online?
Domain, your online address to your website. These
affiliate programs are great to add to your blog as
well as web hosting, your electricity to your website.

Web hosting affiliate programs do pay well, usually
50 to 75% commissions. Once you reach a certain gap,
you can request payout.

Website or blog, your internet home to the world!
You can purchase templates that are premade with editable
text that you can add your own. Personally, I would
choose a blog. You can build it for less than $100!

Premade niche blogs are already setup and cost less
than $20. Add your domain, $11 a year, then web hosting
about $3 a month or less than $40 a year. If you want
to get serious about your blog, purchase an auto –
responder to collect emails.

Join high dollar affiliate programs, create a product,
purchase private label right products ( under $20 )
and add images or even your affiliate links into your
blog post. Owning a product is best if you can afford
the cost. From my experince, you can start low.

For instance, one of my products sell for $7. It is a
Mindset eBook! Which I believe we all need as marketers.
Anyways, typically I average $300 to $500 a day. Not bad
from a $7 product hey? 100 who buy from you is $700!
Do this everyday and your set.

~ Rob Burns

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