Ways to Earn If You’re Broke!

Why is it anyone who is searching for a way online
to make money are always broke? Don’t they know, it
takes money to make money? Not necessarly!

Leverage the power of others to earn a huge income.
I learned this through one of my old programs that
I was with. You do not need any skills to do this.
Freelance it out to people who do. Keep reading to
learn more.

This can be done either online or offline and you can
do pretty well with it also. Best resource, look at
classified ad sites and search for what people are
looking for.Most people are looking for home services,
trash pickup, yard maintenance, gutter repair, appliance
repair, etc..

What you can do is call these people up to see what
they need done, then call professionals and get their
prices, add a 75 to 85% markup and call the people
back with your price. Make sure you get paid first,
before even paying the professional. Is it legit?
Of course! I was in the construction field for 30
years and I never did the work. And to this day, I
still make at least $1,000 a week!

Online, most people are looking for some type of
advertising to get more exposure to their business.
Visit major social media group websites. You will
find people who need YOU! Services like, youtube
ranking, website visitors, fb likes, social media
ranking. What you do is be the middle man. Most
need traffic, all you have to do is sell it to them.
Tell them you will send them xxx amount of website
visitors for xxx dollars, then find these services
in gig sites, freelance websites.

Here is a great idea, drive through your local
area in subdivisons and look at the mail boxes. Most
are falling off the post, are damaged, weathered.
Ask the home owner if they would like a new one
installed.Tell them that it will improve the value
to their home. We need them to collect our mail.
And there will always be some sort of mail! You can
get a pre made post for about $30, mail box around
the same, concrete for about 2 bucks a bag. So for
around $65 you have everything new. Double the amount
for your total cost, labor and materials. This would
be $130, charge $200. Don’t know how to do this?
Go to youtube [dot] com and learn.

Bottom line is, work smarter not harder. It doesn’t
take a genius to figure this out.

~ Rob Burns

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