Turn Robocalls Into Cash

Do you get a lot of calls from telemarketers
who are trying to scam you on something? Do
the calls sound almost like they are being
pre recorded? If so, then you are probably
a victim of Robocalls.

Have you ever thought that you could turn
these calls into cash? Probably not but you
can and it is legal. This is another course
that you can get access to as a member of our
team. We have a ton of make money online
programs within our team university.

So let’s get back to the Robocalls and how to
make money from them. I’m going to briefly
explain but you will get full access to the
complete training from the link at the bottom
of this blog post.

Robocalls are voice mail auto dialers who call
thousands of people in a matter of minutes to
solicitate people on marketing scams such as
hotels vouchers, vacation giveaways, or an
incentive on other programs. Could even be from
people who claim to help reduce your credit card
interest rate or even they are from the IRS!

The IRS will never call you, text or use a voice
mail drop to convince you to give up important
information. They will show up at your door step
if it is that important.

To get reimbursed from the calls, could result
in fees of $500 to $3,000 depending on the
situation per violation. You will also get pre
written templates that you can use to contact
these violaters.

To learn more on how to turn Robocalls into cash
click here, become a member and get free access
to our university suite of make money online tools!

~ Rob Burns

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