Royaltie Notifications Network Review

Royaltie is a tech company in the Lead Generation Technology
space who provides advertising services to any small business
that are looking to increase new customers and sales. Royaltie
now called Royaltie Notification Networks carries the VF Gem
which transmits a notification to nearby cell phone users
within the distance between 1,000 to 10,000 meters. Up to a
6.2 mile radius.

Royaltie’s advertising platform is based on impression views.
Four different packages to choose from depending on how many
impressions you would like each month. You can start at the
basic package of 5,000 impressions and increase to 50,000.

Price on each product is as stated.VF5 – 5,000 monthly impressions
start at $47 with an activation fee per account of $30. VF10 –
10,000 impressions at $77 plus activation fee, VF25 – 25,000
impressions starting at $167 plus activation fee and VF50 – 50,000
impressions are $297 plus a $30 activation fee.

Royaltie uses two apps that you can setup your advertising from.
Upline and Upline Ads. You also receive digital business cards
as well as landing pages to build your own unique page on a
free domain and web hosting provided by Royaltie. Your landing
page will look similar to mine,
You can add a video, map, contact form, your social profiles,
and your contact information. This alone is worth joining!

Royaltie has the best compensation plan that I’ve seen in my 14
year marketing career. Some are here today and gone tomorrow but
Royaltie is going on their third year and making a name for
themselves. If you enjoy 100% commission’s then Royaltie is for
you! I will briefly explain, You receive 100% commission’s on
both 1st and 2nd levels. 100% monthly residual. $250 cash bonuses
on every 10 new customers/affiliates every week. After 25
customers/affiliates, you will be considered a super affiliate.
Then the comp opens up to levels 3,4,5, and 6. Video below will
explain more.

Join me today and get my lead generation software at no cost by
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Lead Generation

~ Rob Burns

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