How to Recruit 100 Reps in a Week

Do you have a system in place that you are getting
100 sales reps to join your program? Are they
motivated enough to duplicate what you are doing?
100 reps a week is nothing if you have the correct
system in place.

I follow a lot of marketers but do not use their
tactics because, I believe their process takes to
long to see immediate results. People want results
NOW! Not in a month or year.

Do you have a target market that wants what you have?
Are you duplicating what others are doing and not
getting the results that you want fast enough? Tired
of buying junk leads that do NOT convert?

Think about this for a minute, If you could target
100 sales reps who can duplicate, did you know that
your entire network would be 10,000? What could this
do for you? It does not matter what company you are in,
or what product is involved. People want money NOW!
They want results NOW!

This is why I always target 100% commission structure
programs. More money for less effort. You do the math!
Do you honestly think 100 reps would join a 25% commission
program over a 100%? NOT!!!

I use a marketing system that allows me to target certain
people in a niche that I am involved with. I set-up the
system using my demographics, niche, and how many targeted
leads that I would like to receive on a weekly basis.
The calls start coming in immediately and usually, I can
close 10 sales a day, especially when they find out they
can get started for less than $50 a month.

~ Rob Burns

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