How Much Do You Spend on Advertising?

We all know that advertising our products or services is
a way to get more exposure but, does it really pay off?
Are you making a profit or spending more on advertising
your business more efficient?

Are you targeting the right audience? Is your advertising
in the right location? Are you actually getting ‘real’
eyeballs on your ads or are they bot clicks? Do you have
an ad budget? Is your advertising source really reliable?
Do you feel like you are being over charged on your ad

These are just a few questions that I ask my new clients
and in all honestly, I usually don’t get a positive answer.
This leads me to a topic related a few years back when I
hired an electrician to do some work on my home. When I met
the guy he quoted ‘How did you find me?’ My first impression
was really?

Truthfully though, there are so many small businesses who
spend thousands on advertising every month but really don’t
know where their hard earned money is going. Most of my
clients tell me that they were referred to an advertising
firm from other small business owners who had some results.

Some results? This dosen’t tell me much but what kind of
results? A click on their ad? An actually person called to
ask a question about thier service? Someone bought something?
Did they ask what the cost was for advertising their business?
Probably not, they heard the term results and signed right

So let me ask you a question, how much do you spend on advertising?
$1,000, $5,000? How many ad impression views are you receiving?
Where is your ad being placed? Who’s seeing your ad? Who
is your target audience? How old is your audience? You wouldn’t
want to advertise a health product to a donut shop owner
would you?

What if you could possibly reach every person on their cell
phone about what you are promoting worldwide for a third of what
you are paying a month in advertising now?

What if I can guarantee you 50,000 ad impression views on your
advertisement a month for less than $300 a month, would you
be interested? If so, click here

How many ad agencies can offer you an ad placement for 3 days
at no cost and give you 1,000 ad views to test out?

~ Rob Burns


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