Why Owning a Product is Best for Marketing?

We have all seen thousands of websites that have affiliate programs that pay out small commissions to affiliates to promote them. Some start at 10% and some might go as high as 75% commissions but this usually only happens if the product you are promoting is new or in high demand. Owning your own product…

Why Should You Automate Your Marketing?

In this era, automating your marketing should be considered because manually just takes up to much time. For instance, wouldn’t it make since if you were to target people in your your area by using a search tool instead of going door to door? How about posting in social media groups? Or even using automation…

Do You Have The Right Mindset?

Did you know if you have the right mindset, you can earn 1K a day? Most people think that this is not immpossible. Really? I hate to bust your bubble but, anyone can do this, even a non marketer! Let’s say you have a product or service that sells for $22, which I do. And…

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