Why is Lead Generation So Critical?

Lead Generation is critical because you need a constant flow of pre qualified phone interviewed prospects if you want to ever succeed with a home base business. Believe me, you don’t want to rely on friends and family. All these people want is for you to fail. Another way to generate qualified leads, is look…

Why So Many Domain Providers?

When it comes to choosing the right domain providers for my websites I always choose NameCheap and here is my explanation why I use them. Low cost with a great amount of add-ons. Continously sales promotions, keeping the cost down and focusing more on customer support. Reputation is key. I have always heard great things…

What Is a Auto Responder?

This is a tool anyone who markets online must have. An auto responder is a service that sends automated email responses on the clients behalf and collects information. Excellent for building a list of people. Which eventually will turn into buying customers or at least the hopes of one. It’s best to look for someone…

Free vs Paid Web Hosting

Free web hosting isn’t as you would think free web hosting is. Most web hosting sites offer this to new customers in hope that they will eventually upgrade to their premium services. Which in the long run ends up being more expensive than the paid web hosting websites. Free hosting has limitations. You only get…

Why Start a Blog?

Having a blog is a great idea especially if you want to brand yourself. What I mean about brand yourself is, if your business or company that you represent ever goes out of business or closes, your clients will have a place to visit for updated information. Have you ever noticed that actors, athletes, marketers…

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